Your Dental Insurance Credentialing and fee negotiation specialists

We understand how time consuming and tedious the Credentialing process can be.
Let us help you so you can get back to helping your patients.

Insurance Credentialing and re-credentialing

Our experienced contracting staff will submit all the necessary paperwork on your behalf and notify you two months before your insurance contracts elapse

Fee Negotation

When applicable, our credentialing specialists will negotiate on your behalf for higher fees

Not all insurance companies negotiate fees each year


Our experienced team can help create and customize your office Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) Fee Schedules. This is a valuable time-saver for startup dental practices 

Why insurance dmd?

Dentists themselves, the founders of Insurance DMD know firsthand how confusing and time-consuming the insurance credentialing process can potentially be. 

We created Insurance DMD with the vision of giving busy, practicing dentists an affordable option to navigate burdensome insurance credentialing and fee negotiation processes. You will always speak with one of our doctors when discussing the services we offer over the phone.

Insurance carriers have a very thorough vetting process for dentists to become credentialed and contracted with them. Our team at Insurance DMD will act on your behalf to get you contracted at your requested insurance companies, and negotiate fees directly with your insurance carriers so you don’t have to.

In one example, InsuranceDMD negotiated with one carrier a (D0120) periodic exam fee increase from $29 to $42 for a pediatric dentist! That’s an increase of 44%!

We make our membership affordable because we want to negotiate on your behalf every year if possible. We believe that negotiating with insurance companies every year for higher fees is what all dentists should be doing, especially as our profession continues to head an “insurance-care” direction. 

We do not advise you on what insurance companies to contract with, but we can help you create your office’s UCR Fee Schedule based on the latest available market research in your area.

Dental Insurance Credentialing

What will insurance dmd do for me?

We take the burden off you by taking care of all necessary paperwork on your behalf with the chosen payor networks and government entities.

We keep pace with dental credentialing requirements and any new additions to your office.

We will communicate with you on a bi-weekly basis with progress updates. Our dedicated team will always respond quickly with any questions during the process.

Contracts and applications are setup right the first time and we will not stop until the process is 100% completed!

Our Dental Credentialing Service Fees


New clients, credentialing and fee negotiation when applicable, per provider, per carrier, perfect for start-ups!


Existing Clients, Re-Credentialing and fee-negotation when applicable, per provider


Fee Negotations Only, per provider, 2 year agreement required


Create a customized UCR Fee Schedule for your office!


The insurance dmd guarantee

Successfully credential your
eligible provider(s) with
all requested insurance contracts within four months

Notify you within two months of your insurance contract
renewal dates and offer re-credentialing and negotiating services

Begin working on your contracts within two to three business days after receiving all required information

(Don’t worry, it’s not much)

Follow up on the status of every outstanding credentialing contract at least every two weeks


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